Dodge Durango Stars in New SyFy TV Series

Today we wanted to talk about a great model from our current new Dodge lineup that has been getting some time in the spotlight on an up and coming television series currently running on the SyFy Network.

Those who have seen the series Defiance will know that it takes place in a post-apocalyptic America where aliens now live side by side with humans sort of if you crossed the movie Sector 9 with Mad Max. Well the show's producers were in need of vehicles for some of the main characters, and turned to Dodge for help.

In the first season Dodge supplied the show with a new Challenger, and this time around it was a brand-new Durango. See what it looks like after its apocalypse make over in this video:

Pretty cool right? Well you can learn everything there is to know about this hearty SUV by visiting us here at the Viva Dodge Chrysler Jeep showroom and taking a test drive today.

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