How Do I Remove the Spare Tire on My RAM 1500?

February 25th, 2022 by

If you’re having some issues with removing your RAM 1500 spare tire, or you’re looking to read up on the process before attempting it yourself, our El Paso service center is here to help. You can always visit Viva CDJR for additional assistance, as well.

How to Remove Your RAM 1500 Spare Tire

Follow these directions to remove the spare tire from your RAM 1500, which you should do before attempting to jack up the truck:

  1. Attach the wheel wrench to the jack extension tube
  2. Insert the tube through the access hole between the lower tailgate and the top of the bumper, and into the winch mechanism tube
  3. Rotate the wheel wrench handle counterclockwise until the spare tire is on the ground with enough cable slack to allow you to pull it out from under the vehicle
  4. When the spare is clear, tilt the retainer at the end of the cable and pull it through the center of the wheel

Note: Always stow the spare tire with the valve stem facing the ground, and stow the flat or spare to avoid tangling the loose cable. Additionally, the winch mechanism is designed for use with the jack extension tube only — use of an air wrench or other power tools is not recommended and can damage the winch.

Voila! There you have it — the removal of your RAM 1500 spare tire. You can now install the spare tire and get rid of that flat in no time.

Visit Our RAM Service Center in El Paso For Assistance

If you’re still having some trouble with your RAM 1500 spare tire, you can always schedule a service appointment with our El Paso service center. If you have any questions about your spare tire or any of the tire services we provide, feel free to contact us at Viva Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

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