Mopar Brake Pad Replacement Service in El Paso, TX

Mopar Brake Pad Replacement Services at Viva CDJR in El Paso, TX

Though there are so many different parts in your brakes system that play important roles in the braking process, one of the essential parts to be aware of is your brake pads. Brake pads work with your rotors to generate the friction required to bring your vehicle to a halt. When they reach a certain point of wear and tear, you’ll begin to notice decreased braking performance in various ways that are simultaneously uncomfortable and unsafe. Fortunately, inspecting your brake pads is an easy process. You can find service intervals for replacing them in your owner’s manual, and our Mopar service department in El Paso, TX, is readily equipped to handle brake pad replacement services. Schedule yours online with Viva CDJR today.


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How to Tell When Your Brake Pads Need Replacement

As every car owner should know, service intervals in your owner’s manual are always the best place to check when to replace parts and products in your Mopar vehicle. However, brake pads have a few particular ways of showing you when they’re no longer useful or safe, and they’re pretty easy to spot if you pay attention to your vehicle. Use these warning signs to be aware of when your brake pads will need to be replaced:


  • Brakes constantly overheating
  • ABS light is on
  • Decreased braking power/performance
  • Less than one-quarter inch of thickness remaining in your brake pads
  • Squeaking/squealing when stopping


Mopar Certified Technicians in Our El Paso, TX Mopar Service Department

Service at Viva CDJR gives your Mopar vehicle two things that it desperately needs (especially for something as sensitive as brake services): genuine OEM parts and Mopar certified technicians. Both of those work hand in hand to protect your Mopar warranty. More importantly, they protect you in your vehicle by ensuring that experienced, knowledgeable mechanics properly service your brakes. Allow our highly-trained Mopar technicians to ensure the safety of you and your passengers and give your vehicle the best service possible by scheduling your brake services online with Viva CDJR.

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Comfortable and Convenient Mopar Service in El Paso, TX

Online service scheduling at Viva CDJR makes scheduling your appointments more effortless than ever before, and our comfortable waiting area is a great place to enjoy your stay in our El Paso, TX Mopar service department. Plus, with complimentary multi-point inspections always available at Viva CDJR, you’re just a quick appointment away from having your Mopar vehicle thoroughly inspected at no charge. We are a short drive from Fort Bliss, Sunland Park, Socorro, and Horizon City, so have your brake pads replaced with us at Viva CDJR, and know that we can inspect the rest of your vehicle at no charge.


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